Yoga Ashram

Rocklyn Ashram

The Ashram is distinguished by its tranquil setting nestled within the depths and silence of the Wombat State Forest near Daylesford. The ideal place for a day visit or your next yoga retreat.

During your retreat all the major branches of yoga i.e. hatha, bhakti, jnana, raja, kriya, mantra and karma yoga are practiced in a systematic way. This helps to integrate and develop all the different layers of the personality, and provide physical and pranic wellbeing, mental relaxation, self understanding and inner peace.

The peaceful atmosphere of the yoga retreat marks a definite transition in shifting from involvement in the sea of activity, obligations and worldly pursuits. The Ashram environment of natural quietness and mobile free zones is a world of relaxation and a letting go time for you. Why has the idea of booking a weekend away to be quiet and simple turned out to be so hard.

A few days away in a unique yoga retreat offers quality time out to nurture the frazzled mind and nervous system, and most importantly, shed the obligations of work.

During a yoga retreat there is time to walk or bike ride through the forest, rest, read a great book from the comprehensive library, chat with others or just take in the yoga retreat gardens and natural environment or experience some of the yoga retreat lifestyle activities.

A Typical Day at the Ashram

The day begins with a morning class of asana, pranayama, meditation and Vedic mantra chanting. Varied and interesting karma yoga projects are allocated in the morning and afternoon, depending on the type of stay you choose. Yoga nidra (relaxation) is practiced before lunch. Periods of silence are present for reflection and peace.

Other traditional practices include kirtan (mantra chanting with music), Vedic mantra chanting, havan (fire ceremonies) and mantra chanting for peace, wellbeing and environmental protection.

Time is available to explore the numerous forest walking or bike riding tracks, the natural silence of the forest environment surrounding the ashram, engage with others, or just take time out in the spacious gardens and ashram grounds.

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